Brüdergarten Mug Club

The mugs we use are 20-oz.  That’s right, 20-oz.  That gets you a free quarter pint at the regular pint price—boom.  *valid on all beers offered on tap, in a pint (no Dragon’s Milk).

In addition to the mug, which we will keep at the bar for you, you’ll get a Brüdergarten Mug Club 2019 Challenge Coin (Military Challenge Coin rules apply) and a Membership Card.

We’ll also host a Mug Club Night every Thursday (start date TBD) where members will get an additional $1 off any draft beverage (excluding Dragon’s Milk).

Time for some math: 99.2 mugs = A Half Barrel (or full size keg) Once you’ve had 99 Mugs of draft beer, we’ll have a “Beer Baptism” to initiate those members into The Half Barrel Crew. Members of the Half Barrel Crew will get their name and/or picture on the wall and an uber special t-shirt—not available to anyone other than members of The Half Barrel Crew.

And finally, when you sign up, we’ve got your first mug—and the mug on your birthday.  It’s because we love you. 

Now for the nitty gritty…

Club Membership and benefits are not transferable.

Memberships are $100 for the first year and $75 to renew.